Accomplished Dog Bite Injury Representation

Many dogs are stronger than they look and can inflict a great deal of damage in a small amount of time if agitated. With more than 15 years of personal injury experience, Salem lawyer Keri Trask Lazarus knows that significant physical, emotional and financial damage can result from a dog attack. Tragically, some dog attacks even end in the death of the victim.

Sympathetic And Skillful

At the Law Offices of Keri Trask Lazarus, we take a compassionate approach to our professional legal services. We want to get to know you, how your injury affects your life and what you need. We are knowledgeable about the different approaches in Oregon courts to pursue them to achieve compensation for your case.

Get Medical Care

No matter how small a dog bite is, it is more than a minor yet painful inconvenience. A dog bite should be examined by a doctor to determine what damage lies beneath the skin. This is especially true if the bite victim is a small child. Even when a dog bite seems slight, care must be taken to ensure that the bite does not get infected.

Guard Against Rabies

The potential of contracting rabies from a dog is very real. Since an untreated case of rabies results in a fatality, it is critical to determine if the dog that attacked you has an up-to-date rabies vaccination. If you cannot determine if the dog that bit you has a current vaccination, then you will need to undergo a series of rabies vaccine shots to fight off a possible infection from the virus.

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